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Windows Phone 7 App Hub Launched

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 11:11 AM

I posted just the other day about some intricacies with the Windows Phone marketplace. I got some intel that the info that was available was outdated and that the program had changed, but nothing official was available online yet.

Well, now its official, and the changes are definitely developer friendly!


Instead of it being just a phone marketplace, Microsoft has combined the Windows Phone and XBOX Live development programs under one program. Registering for the App Hub allows you to submit for both the Windows Phone and XBOX Live indie game platforms.

Specifically for the Windows Phone, here are the details:

- $99 (USD) for registration to the App Hub
- Unlimited for-fee apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace
- Up to 5 free apps to Windows Phone Marketplace
- Additional free apps can be submitted for $19.99 (USD)

So that initial $99 (USD) per application validation seems to be gone!

Head over to the App Hub site to check out the new look and feel, and to start participating in the forums and discussions. Very excited to start getting involved with this new community!


# re: Windows Phone 7 App Hub Launched

The App Hub is available to download for free on TutuApp.
Download: Android 6/22/2017 2:08 AM | Jack Flynn

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