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Using Outlook 2007 as your RSS Feed Reader

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 7:38 AM

If you have Outlook 2007 installed, you already have a built in RSS feed aggregator. I used to rely entirely on Google Reader for my feed, but I’ve grown to love the convenience of having my email and RSS feeds in one interface.

Setting it up is stupid simple. First, there’s the blatent RSS folder that’s part of the treeview in Outlook 2007:


Right click and select ‘Add new RSS feed’


Put in the URL of your favourite blog…


And voila! Instant information goodness delivered straight to your Outlook!


Now, I did run into a few ‘gotchas’ with using Outlook as my RSS feed.

For one, Outlook isn’t as forgiving about the URL’s you use for adding a feed as, say, Google Reader is. With Google Reader I could just enter in the base URL of a site and it would find the feed page. With Outlook you *must* enter in the exact feed page. so


can’t be used. You need to actually point it to


The other gotcha was when you assign a feed to a folder. I started created subfolders to better organize my feeds. I accidentally assigned one feed to the grouping folder and now I have no idea how to un-assign it. So be careful when adding that you’re putting it in the right spot the first time.



# re: Using Outlook 2007 as your RSS Feed Reader

I used outlook for a long time, but in the end, being able to have a synchronized list won out and I went to google reader instead.

But outlook does allow password protected feeds, which is nice. 3/18/2009 10:43 AM | mendicant

# re: Using Outlook 2007 as your RSS Feed Reader

I.Can't.Believe.My.Eyes. This is actually kind of pro Outlook! What's funny is how bad RSS in Outlook 2007 really is. Good luck and have fun! :-)

P.S. I still use it because I want to fix the sucky stuff with an add-in eventually. 3/19/2009 9:44 PM | Eric Legault

# re: Using Outlook 2007 as your RSS Feed Reader


How does Outlook allow password protected feeds??
I'm desperately looking for a way to feed my password protected blog into Outlook.

Thanks for any suggestions. 6/29/2009 12:29 PM | Jules

# Outlook and password protect feeds

I too am curious about password protected feeds in outlook. It seems like an interesting way to hold private chat rooms for work groups. 4/13/2010 6:17 AM | Adal Design

# re: Using Outlook 2007 as your RSS Feed Reader

I open the RSS feed URL in IE and save the password to IE. 5/9/2012 8:05 PM | dhwang101

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