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An Apology to all MVP’s and a Challenge to Andrew Duthie!

Sunday, March 8, 2009 1:23 AM

Dear MVP’s,

I wanted to write to all of you and express my deepest apology in what must have been a hugely disappointing part of the recent MVP Summit. For those of you who attended the EMP party I know you witnessed this atrocity first hand, and for those that didn’t I’m sure you felt the ripples of grief from those present.

I had just written down my name and song on the list at the EMP party. Then, like you, I stood in disbelief as I heard the haunting intro to Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell. Many of you must have been puzzled not seeing me on stage at this point. After all, it was public knowledge that this was a song that I committed the last few months to memorizing, choreographing dance routines for, and figuring out how to insert a Rob Conery reference into. Many came to the EMP party *just* to see me perform.

But this was a nightmare come to life as one G. Andrew Duthie would take the stage, fresh from indulging on sliders, potato wedges, and copious amounts of cheap vodka, and proceed to DEFECATE on the legend that is Billy Idol and his groundbreaking musical opus, Rebel Yell. I know you were all hinging the success of your evening on seeing me perform the song, and I’m sorry I let you down.

I tried to find video of this event to show those not in attendance, but alas I found none…probably a sign that the world is finally through with seeing images akin to death, starvation, and genocide. I understand that a video was shown at the recent Roanoke Code Camp after which some required treatment for self inflicted eye and ear injuries. I did find one picture which I think expresses the experience in its raw, carnal glory…

Billy Idol was *never* constipated when he sang Rebel Yell!

Know this: I will not let this injustice go unpunished! We cannot have a developer evangelist running around thinking they can blindly perform rockaroake songs at whim and without thinking of the audience. And so I end with this…

G. Andrew Duthie, AKA “Devhammer”, I challenge you to a Rebel-Yell-Off at Tech Ed 2009! You, me, Rock Band, and the public who will decide who truly holds the power to channel Billy Idol!

Be at peace my friends, we will right this wrong!!!



# re: An Apology to all MVP’s and a Challenge to Andrew Duthie!

Glad you enjoyed the performance, and so sorry to crush your dreams of EMP stardom. But compared to the disappointment of not having a local Chipotle, I'm sure it's only a small thing.

Alas, I won't be at Tech-Ed 2009, so I will not be able to take up your challenge there. I'll be at MIX, though, or perhaps we can find a Chipotle equidistant between us and settle things there with burritos and karaoke. :-) 3/9/2009 8:04 AM | G. Andrew Duthie

# re: An Apology to all MVP’s and a Challenge to Andrew Duthie!


I remember that very clearly... I still hear the voices during the night... but my shrink says they will dissapear eventually 3/11/2009 8:26 PM | Carlos Figueroa

# re: An Apology to all MVP’s and a Challenge to Andrew Duthie!

This is freakin' hilarious. I would love to see that Idol-Off! 3/11/2009 10:57 PM | Glen Gordon

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