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Where Did I Get Those Wonderful T-Shirts?

Thursday, March 5, 2009 10:06 PM
I had some people ask me about the shirts I had made up for the MVP Summit:

Homeboys (with a pic of Scott Hanselman, Phil Haack, and Rob Conery)

DLUX – the name christened to me by The Elder

Official Friend of Justice Gray – No explanation needed

I looked around locally for shirt stores that could do custom prints, but many of them required large quantities or didn’t have any easy way to go over a design without being there in person. Then I found Wordans.

Wordans is an online t-shirt making site, with a very kewl Flash-based design tool that is really simple to use. The prices for the shirts are relatively inexpensive considering the amount of control that you have in creating your products, and in the quality of the shirts as well.

One option you have is to upload your own images, which is how I got the pics of the ASP.NET boys and Justice on the shirts…and they came out awesome, exceeding the expectations I had. Shirt creation was very quick (from order to being shipped), and the customer service was very responsive!

So if you have a need for some custom shirts for a special event, or just as a venue to express yourself, check them out.

Example of the Wordan’s online design tool.


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