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Rob Conery on SubSonic's New Repository Base Class - A Review

Tuesday, March 18, 2008 9:34 AM

Rob Conery has posted a webcast showing the new Repository base class functionality coming in the next version of Sub Sonic. Adding this functionality to Sub Sonic is *awesome* as I'm one of the many who aren't a fan of having "smart" objects (I'm sure I could make a correlation between smart/dumb objects and Tucker Max's rules on dating...and lose all female readership in the process...so we'll just carry on).

Now, at this point I could leave it here and you would have a great post encouraging you to view the webcast. But then, it wouldn't *be* one of my posts would it? So I give you to:

D'Arcy's Play By Play of Rob Conery's SubSonic Repository Base Class Webcast! *

Let's begin...

First we're greeted with how Rob *thinks* he looks while working at Microsoft. I've told Rob over and over...dude, you aren't a cyborg. I've heard drinking with him is tough too because he constantly grabs other's beers saying "All your beer belongs to me" and then downs it like he's a self-indulging waterboarder. **

"Some people don't like the Active Record pattern because it makes the 'model too smart' " I think the tone says it all in *that* statement...

Rob explains how to set up the provider to use the Repository, but I really don't think he conveyed things properly. What he should have said at the end was "If you still aren't clear on the difference between Active Record and Repository, you probably aren't using Sub Sonic anyway and are still dragging and dropping your SQL Datasource objects to your web form, so STOP WASTING MY BANDWIDTH! Go waste Google's trying to find out what they mean but you'll probably just end up doing image searches for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and forget all about the PURE BEAUTY that is SubSonic's Repository Base Class!" It's sad how working at Microsoft changes people... ***

3:48 - Rob says the first "Go Ahead" of the webcast

5:05 - Go Ahead...and now the name dropping begins

"I think I've got Scott Guthrie's verbal tick. It's one of those things that  you pick up when you talk to people constantly" Yes Rob, we know you work with Guthrie...and that you talk to him every day...and that you guys are best friends now...and that you like to have picnics on the Microsoft campus on lunch hour with Scott H playing James Taylor songs on guitar...

"I wonder if he's got any of my verbal ticks?" Read: Do you really love me Guthrie, or do you just love my ORM?

6:13 Go Ahead "What's wrong with me?" Rob has realized that idol worship can only lead to madness and </3

And we're done! I'm really looking forward to the next webcast showing off the new query functionality as well.


* Note: It's ok, Rob and I are *best friends*...we joke with each other all the time.

** Note: This is fictitious...which means false...and if you still don't understand search for fictitious after you search for Active Record on Google...and no, waterboarding is *not* another term for surfing; saying "I'm going waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay" has a WHOLE different meaning...

***Note: This is *my* interpretation of what he should have said to add humor to the webcast...I don't think Rob would have actually said it...


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