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Is Anyone Noticing? Comment

Thursday, January 31, 2008 10:28 AM

Tried to post this as a comment on Brian's blog but got some error from subtext (500).

Brian's comment was"

"Yahoo just announced it would cut 1000 jobs by February. Others will soon follow as they look at fourth quarter reports.

This doesn't look good for current job seekers or college graduates who will graduate in the spring.

What's going to turn this economy around? "

I wouldn't worry about college grads. Yahoo is a bit of a different beast because most of its model is around free services and advertising...so its always in the hunt for the next great service that isn't necessarily a "necessary" service.

There are many jobs available in non-portal based companies that require skilled technologists to create and support their systems. IMO, working at Yahoo would be fun but its like my dad would say: "People gotta eat and people gotta die" (meaning, if you go into restaurants/food provision or funeral homes, you'll always have customers).

So the question for upcoming graduates is: what industries do we want to get into (as developers) that are going to have the longest growth and stability. I beleive those industries do exist.

And for those that want to create startup or more risky ventures, are those ventures actually going to help our community or is it just another bit of fluff that is fun but not really relevent?

There's also a question for us in the IT and software development industry: what are *we* going to do to help the next generation of our graduates? Because we have just as big of an impact on their success as their own hard work does. Producing quality, encouraging proper standards, improving on process, and embracing and mentoring new developers is crucial. We live in an age where our job competition isn't just in our classrooms, its across the oceans (no offense to the many fine non-North American developers who post on GWB). If we want to ensure that our industry as it has been continues to thrive here we need to be making changes NOW and set up those coming after us to succeed, not fail.



# re: Is Anyone Noticing? Comment

Two words for people in the US: Health Care. Huge industry with lots of growth and they're starting to actually use technology for things like record keeping and administration. Insurance companies are also a big market with this as well. I'm in Health Care myself and I would recommend it to anyone else out there. 1/31/2008 4:21 PM | Jeff Tucker

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