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Yet Another Reason I Got Out of Comics...

Thursday, January 24, 2008 1:16 PM

As any good geek, I'm enthralled with video games, sci-fi movies, books, and Red Bull. But Comics hasn't been on my top  list, other than seeing my childhood favorites finally come to the big screen. Of all the various titles, Spider Man and Batman were the two that I was most passionate about. Venom was, as per my famous "Why Venom Can't Be In Spider Man 4" post (which has 92 comments to date btw), one of the best villains ever and Batman's dark tone was always kewl.

But Spiderman got dropped along the way. Why? Because of the HORRIBLE Scarlet Spider storyline where we learn that Peter Parker wasn't *really * Peter but a clone of Peter that *thought* he was the real one, while the real one thought he was a clone. Uh huh...uber...stupid.

Then they butchered the Venom storyline, and who knows what else in the many years since I stopped reading. But a story on CNN caught my eye: Oh no! Is it Splitsville for Spidey and MJ? How interesting...mabye the strain of his "profession" finally got the best of them, or someone else came in the picture, or, I dunno, something potentially REALISTIC. But no, Marvel goes ahead with THIS:

"Well, the pair didn't exactly get divorced. After Peter Parker's beloved Aunt May was wounded in an attack, Spider-Man and Mary Jane reluctantly struck a deal with the devil-like Mephisto in which he erased everyone's memory of the couple's time together in exchange for May being restored to good health."

Becuase, y'know, Mephisto couldn't think of anything ELSE for them to pay him with. I mean, if he's got the power to erase EVERYONE's memory that EVER knew they were married, I'm thinking he might be dealing with higher-priority things...

Regardless, this is a DUMB storyline and one that I'm glad to see raised the ire of many a comic book geek.

Maybe one day we'll get back to how things were...sigh.



# re: Yet Another Reason I Got Out of Comics...

Marvel always has to undo whatever changes they make to characters.

Spiderman got outted, so that couldn't stand, so they found a way to reset the whole series.

I think the worst thing Marvel ever did was when Archangel MOLTED and under his metal wings were his feathered ones. 1/24/2008 1:21 PM | ignu

# re: Yet Another Reason I Got Out of Comics...

waiting for Kelly's take on this.... 1/24/2008 5:30 PM | Cam

# re: Yet Another Reason I Got Out of Comics...

SCREW YOU for not liking the Scarlet Spider story. UNBELIEVABLE. The first parts of it were phenomenal!! THe part when he takes down Venom???
1/24/2008 9:27 PM | Justice~!

# re: Yet Another Reason I Got Out of Comics...

The Clone saga sucked. no question about it. As for the Mephisto thing... yeah, bad call. With that kinda power... making the world forget peter and MJ were married is silly... unless Mephisto was getting some FWB action from MJ as a result... that could work.
1/25/2008 10:42 AM | Blogus Maximus

# re: Yet Another Reason I Got Out of Comics...

Blogus Maximus - I'm sorry to say you are a LOSER for not liking the early parts of the clone saga. Especially the 70s stuff!

As for the FWB stuff, what did you think she whispered to him? 1/27/2008 12:17 PM | Justice~!

# re: Yet Another Reason I Got Out of Comics...

That's my buddy Justice, making friends wherever he goes...

D 1/27/2008 8:42 PM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

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