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OK, Seriously: What Justice Gray Means to Me...

Friday, January 18, 2008 12:02 PM

So, after coming away with not only the undisputed Paint.NET Master of the Universe award AND the best posting during Justice Gray's Guest-Posting-Week, I felt that I still haven't expressed what the purpose of the post was really  meant to convey: what Justice Gray means to me.

In a word: hope.

Justice Gray is, for all of us, a man we can look to and know that no matter what life throws at us, we can persevere. We can survive. We can TRIUMPH. Is this because Justice constantly is pushing the envelope technically, or in his business, or in his personal life? NO! It's because he continuously does INCREDIBLY STUPID THINGS, and comes away with nary a scratch! Consider some of the recent Indiana Jones-like feats that Justice has performed:

Justice continually gets contract gigs with government and companies even after blatantly flaunting how amazing consulting is compared to being regular employees. Most organizations would want this cancer-speak to stay outside their walls, and yet after thinnly veiling his pleas as reasons *not* to go independent he's still allowed to mingle with those that have taxes taken off their cheques regularly.

Justice, no matter what he does, can *never* lose friends! And don't let the happy-stance fool you: this guy is malicious! Whether he's trying to sabotage other consultants by linking them publicly to bestiality, or attempting to spark domestic strife by pointing out his "friend's" infatuation with Star Trek honies, Justice just seems to be bulletproof. His friends actually *expect* that they'll be targets of his wrath, and actually are upset when they AREN'T the focus of incredibly awkward posts that apparently "don't include the next line of the conversation".

Justice has no problem using children from the third world to get a cheap laugh, and yet we ALL LAUGH WITH HIM! I'm just waiting for the blog post entitled "A letter to my prison pen pall who's getting executed in 2 days: My suggestions for your last meal."

Justice is brave...to a fault of stupidity! Nothing phases him, not even making friends with some of the bigger names in our industry by publicly accosting them in blog format! Mind you, I guess when other big names keep calling your house then you just get used to dealing with them. But you have to wonder about the sanity of a man that can call out not one but *two* well known developers in the *same* blog post! (note the color me badd reference in that post). Still, Justice is able to make all of these posts and STILL not get sued or pummeled!

So yes my friends, to me Justice represents hope. Hope that no matter what we encounter in life, as long as we believe in ourselves and continue roll natural 20's on the D20 of chance, we'll be a-ok too.



# re: OK, Seriously: What Justice Gray Means to Me...

LOL, you had to steal *MY* post for "What Justice Gray Means to Me" and re-write it for your blog?? Geesh. You're getting desperate for post counts.

Pretty sad D'Arcy. I mean I'm flattered, but that's just sad. It's not all about quantity... ;) 1/18/2008 1:43 PM | George W. Clingerman

# re: OK, Seriously: What Justice Gray Means to Me...

LOL...I totally didn't even see that you used Hope as well...becasue i didn't even *read* anyone else's justice gray blog post because I *knew* mine was SO MUCH BETTER!

And now, I've just taken your hope concept to the NEXT EXTREME!

D 1/18/2008 1:57 PM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

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