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Maddeon 08 Review: So far, so gooWTF?!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 11:42 AM

Falcons vs. Cheifs...Georgia Dome...All Madden difficulty. Chiefs get the ball...3 and out...nuthin' gets by the ruthless defense of the Falcons.

So it's been a week or so since getting Madden '08, the yearly football addiction that NFL fans flock to the stores to pick up, especially since it would appear this would be the only way to see Michael Vick play in the NFL this year...but I digress...

I've always gone into the yearly Madden games with high expectations, and always have been left sorely dissapointed. NFL 2K5 was a far superior game, but I just couldn't bring myself to get the latest incarnation (especially with the luke-warm reviews). So I brought home Madden for another go...and so far, I've been very happily surprised.

The gameplay is fantastic...gone is the stupidĀ  quarterback view....well, not gone, but not the huge must-learn-feature that it was in previous versions. The graphics are much improved over the last year, although the intro screens and menus are still pretty much the same (but that's not to say they're horrible...just modified versions of what we've seen before...kind of like moving your couch and coffee table around your living room...its a new look, but its not really "new"...anyway...).

We're still treated (and I do mean TREATED) to NO MADDEN VOICEOVERS in the game!!! Marshall Faulk gives his opinions as the pre and post game commentator.

So far there's only been two big issues that I've had with the game, which otherwise is very playable and very enjoyable.

Issue #1: OMG EA, please please PLEASE improve your save-game interface for the next version! It's so clunky!!!

Issue #2 (and this one is a biggie, but I don't know yet what the culprit is...)

...back to the game...Chiefs punt the ball, and Rossum recovers...he spins away from one would-be tackler...he's at the 30...the 40...he crosses into Chiefs territory...he switches direction...he has daylight! Touchdown Falcons! The crowd goes wild! We get ready for the point after...and its good!

Two plays later my game crashes. This is the SECOND time in a week that this game has crashed mid-game, with no warning or explanation. I'm torn here...I hope the game isn't buggy or that I didn't get a bad disc, but that would mean that my 360 is having issues...which I haven't noticed in any other game though. So I'll have to keep an eye on this.

I want to head online and see what the online play is like over the next few weeks. More info to come.


Edit: Well the crashing wasn't the game. My 360 died on me...red circle of death. :(


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