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A Review of A Fireside Chat with Justice Gray

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 6:55 AM

So not only has Justice's little "Become a better developer in 6 months" garnered him the attention of Scott H., but he's now featured in one of the MSDN Canada podcasts (which you can get all the links from via Justice's site here).

I thought I'd listen and offer my thoughts on the witty banter and intellectual exchange between John Bristowe and Justice Gray. Let's begin...

I can picture Justice lying in bed, listening to John speak his intro over and over and over...
"Oh yes John, tell me how wonderful I am again..."

He mentions Head First Design Patterns because...it was a great book for the layperson to learn patterns?! Hello no, he mentiones it because he has a mad crush on one of the authors!

Why IS Donald the Igloo Coder? It doesn't get THAT cold in Edmonton (compared to Winnipeg anyway)

"Mem to spread"? What's a mem...?

"having actionable items" no no, knowing that we'll all harass him if he fails...that keeps him going

What the hell is a mem?!

OMG, total ass-kiss to a certain CodeBetter guy...talking about the fitness stuff...I'm sure that has NOTHING to do with getting a certain friend request on Facebook...

...and then he disses Scott H. ...wow...

Quote "My wife is not a happy person when I come home."

I should start counting how many times he says Boodhoo...he's dropping that like its hot!

I kind of zoned out for a second...did he say the Edmonton IT Market is a gong show?

He didn't want Donald to hear him say that about "...joining the UG is the best thing for his career..." because he told Donald he wanted to be a VP on the board because he loves Donald.

"Other community involvementcoughdevteachcough"

DROPS BOODHOO AGAIN! Seriously, he's dropped Boodhoo at least 5 times...James Kovacs, zero...awkward...

I also counted 40 coughs throughout the podcast...how many did you count?

But in all seriousness, I'm glad that Justice was featured in this way. His commitment to the community through his blog and his speaking engagements can't be discounted, and he's definately one of the key faces of the Canadian Developer Community 2.0 that's emerging. Check out what he has to say in the podcast and subscribe to his blog...quality stuff.


*Note: this post was done in jest, and I'm pretty sure I misquoted him on the Edmonton market being a gong show...although I totally believe that his wife isn't happy when he gets home...unless he brings chocolate...and leaves the Ruby books at the office.



# re: A Review of A Fireside Chat with Justice Gray

I was surprised that he didn't offer up the name of a certain company that I know all to well as an example of why Edmonton's market leans towards gong show.

I think that the coughing was an attempt to keep in an ever growing ego. He should have coughed harder just before he went on the rant about how he was such a superior personal groomer compared to all the other developers in the world. It's like he's forgotten about the perm picture already. 7/25/2007 7:15 AM | Donald Belcham

# re: A Review of A Fireside Chat with Justice Gray

I thought that it was the HFDP girl on the cover that Justice has a crush on! 7/25/2007 8:21 AM | Scott Miller

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