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Random Personal Life Quips...the Movie Post

Monday, July 9, 2007 3:46 PM

No shop talk on this post...just strictly personal stuff, but hopefully somewhat entertaining (kind of like how Chris's posts are always entertaining...although I always feel guilty reading them and enjoying his humor because I know it always comes at his expense...).

My wife and I do movie night every Tuesday (the theatres here offer a free popcorn/drink with each movie ticket, so its a great excuse...but really, even if they didn't offer it, its great to set aside a night with your honey and spend quality time). Combine that with some recent viewings on Movie Central and I've definately matched my  movie quota from last year. Some quick reviews:

Transformers - Thumbs Up
Must see movie for sure.

Knocked Up - Thumbs Up
OMG, hilarious movie! Same vein as Something About Marry. Definate must see.

Devil Wears Prada - Thumbs Up
You'd think it would suck, but it was actually very good.

Over the Hedge - Thumbs Down
Watched 20 minutes, got bored and turned it off. Don't waste your time, unless you like watching a film that explores how wasteful us humans can be.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Thumbs Up
Best of the three by far, also a must see.

Live Free or Die Hard - Thumbs Up
Good action and hilarious technology plot...but worth the price of admission.

The Last Kiss - Thumbs Down
I really didn't think this was so much a bad movie as it was a disappointment. I was hoping it would be a great movie exploring what happens when we (I say we because most of my peers are my age-ish: 30) hit our 30's and realize that we're not spring chickens anymore and our 20's are behind us. But instead, it turns into a "OMG, I'm 30 and I..." a) need to have sex with a college student because I'm feeling trapped by my pregnant fiancee b) need to break up with the mother of my child and run away because I can't deal c) need to go on a roadtrip otherwise I'm going to get myself into a serious relationship and THAT can't be good...its just silly.

I'm looking forward to seeing Sicko, but I have a feeling that Evan Almighty is in my future...



# re: Random Personal Life Quips...the Movie Post

Wow I switched off Over the Hedge after 20 minutes as well.

As for Evan Almighty, I think it is a rental skip it in the theatres. 7/10/2007 3:42 AM | Steven R

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