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CFL Week 9 Predictions

Thursday, August 10, 2006 5:36 AM

Here we are in week 9! Let's make the picks:

BC over Winnipeg
Winnipeg is without their starting QB and their star WR, and last week without those two they lost to the worst in the CFL...and now they're going against the best of the Western division? Even with a backup QB for BC, they look to be better than the Blue.

Sask over Edmonton
Of course, this assumes that the “good” Sask team shows up. But after getting smited by Calgary last week, they should be looking to run up the score against a piss-poor Edmonton team. Any takers on how long before Machocha gets the axe?

Hamilton over Toronto
Yup, I'm taking Hamilton here. Toronto is still hurting, they've let go of players, and now they've let go of Kent Austin, which was the stupidest move they could have done. I didn't like Adam Rita as a coach, I'm not liking him as a GM. Hamilton has the upswing from beating the Bombers last week...that should continue.

Montreal over Calgary in the game of the week
This should be a great game...although, like Sask, it depends on which Calgary team shows up. Regardless, Montreal is the best of the CFL once again, and that won't change after this week.

Enjoy the games!




# re: CFL Week 9 Predictions

I think your right with your Montreal and BC picks (damn Bombers). But Edmonton and Toronto are gonna win their games. Sask doesn't have a "good" team, they just get lucky once in a while. And Hamilton just plain stinks. 8/10/2006 7:23 AM | Dylan

# re: CFL Week 9 Predictions

Although it was cold, and Thompson insisted on running backwards with the ball all game long, Edmonton still managed to win this game. Even the stadium announcer was jacked up at the end of the game declaring "We have a W folks!!!" 8/11/2006 9:58 PM | The Igloo Coder

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