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Blog entry picked up, Winnipeg Launch Event, and Aerosmith

Thursday, December 8, 2005 9:58 PM

Apparantly ComputerWorld.com has selected my recent blog entry about Gartner's BlackBerry recommendation for one of their IT Blog Watch articles (check the article out here). The compiler of the blog posts made the comment “What about Palm Treos”. The answer, of course, is: Palm Treos will now support Windows Mobile, which in turn will support .NET and the compact framework. I don't think the palm platform is powerful enough to handle the types of applications that the CF and .NET can provide. Much thanks to ComputerWorld.com for selecting my blog entry!

We had the Winnipeg launch event today. I thought the content was good, but having worked with ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 in some capacity over the last few months, it was more of a review (although there were still new things I picked up from it). You could also tell that the organization team was at the last city of the tour...everyone seemed a little tired. John, Dave, Joel, and the rest of the presenters did a fantastic job though and still presented with alot of energy (kudos to Joel who was feeling under the weather)...especially with a Winnipeg crowd that was less than involved (quote of the day: after showing off a brand new feature that was pretty kewl “You all can clap if you want.”...crickets....”...or not.”).

Tonight was the Aerosmith/Lenny Kravitz concert. Lenny was amazing, and I wish his set had been longer actually. He played a good medley of his bigger hits, although my favorite “Can't get you off of my mind” wasn't to be. Then we waited for 45 minutes, and then Aerosmith came out. They had a huge screen which would act as a jumbo-tron displaying camera feeds from mobile camera guys...very kewl. It was a weird set though. I did not know that Aerosmith did Helter Skelter originally (only knew the Motley Crue version), which is what they opened with. Then it was some well known/not well known songs. During their encore, they started with a moment of silence for John Lennon (25th anniversary of his passing) and then played a Beatles song. Then it was a few more songs, and GOODNIGHT! That's it?! Here's what they didn't play: Rag Doll, Dude Looks Like a Lady, Angel, Permanent Vacation, Crazy, Don't Stop, Janie's Got a Gun, Love in an Elevator...I mean, their song list was good...but it was just missed what I would consider REQUIRED Aerosmith. But we saw them a year and a bit ago, and they played all of those and more, so maybe Steve was sick tonight, maybe they wanted to try something different, who knows. It was still a good concert.

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# re: Blog entry picked up, Winnipeg Launch Event, and Aerosmith

Helter Skelter is actually a Beatles song. They were opening up shows with it earlier in the tour (i think 3 or 4 times they used it already this tour as an opener, but had rotated it out of the #1 slot) being that last night was, as you mentioned the 25th anniversary of Mr Lennons passing, they decided to open with it again.

The set was a somewhat short 16 songs, and topped out at 90 minutes. The list was designed as much for the hardcore fans as it was for the more casual fans. I very very much dug the song selection and was happy to hear stuff like SOS (too bad), and Walking the Dog instead of getting amazing, jaded, and rag doll. But again, these boys do have a very very diverse audience, so stuff like I don't wanna miss was in there for the more recent more casual fans.

Steven's voice/throat doesn't do well in the colder dryer weather, and with winter being hear, he's gotta not push himself into marathon sets. That combined with Joey's injured shoulder from earlier this summer have lead to a slightly shorter setlist over the past while.

A fantastic concert though, of course I"m perhaps a bit biased as it was my hat that hit mr Tyler's head during Livin' on the Edge.
=) 12/9/2005 4:16 PM | randocalrissian@hotmail.com

# re: Blog entry picked up, Winnipeg Launch Event, and Aerosmith

Dude, you were one of the guys with the orange hats?! Did you ever get it back?

After talking with some people, I got the same vibe as what you're saying: the set was more old-school Aerosmith fans and less of the fan base that started with the videos featuring Alicia Silverstone.

D 12/9/2005 5:47 PM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Blog entry picked up, Winnipeg Launch Event, and Aerosmith

Saw the show 12/10 in Chicago - it was amazing, never seen Aerosmith before so I was quite pleased to hear the variety of their music catalog - i know it's corny but I really enjoyed 'Don't Wanna Miss a Thing'.. not even sure if that's the song title - probably not. 12/12/2005 12:09 PM | jrodie from chicago

# re: Blog entry picked up, Winnipeg Launch Event, and Aerosmith

First off, I was at the Aerosmith/Lenny show and Leny did play Can't get you off my mind. Secondly, Aerosmith did not do Helter Skelter first, it was, in fact, The Beatles. The fact that they opened and closed the show with Beatles songs was a tribute to John Lennon on the 25th anniversery of his death. I can only assume you were either not born yet or very recently so as you didn't even know Helter Skelter was a Beatles song. As a point of interest, it was that song that Charles Manson claimed inspired him and his disciples commit those horrific murders in August of 1969. These are just a few things I thought you should know. You made quite a few assumptions and it would do you some good to research the two acts you witnessed the other night. Also do some Beatles/Lennon research. 12/12/2005 7:23 PM | Dream on

# re: Blog entry picked up, Winnipeg Launch Event, and Aerosmith

I saw Aerosmith and Lenny last night. Steven sounded as good or better than a few years ago. Also had a chance to meet him the night before the concert. Very approachable and courteous. He made us feel as if we were old friends.
Kim 1/20/2006 10:22 AM | kim

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