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You've gotta be kidding me

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 12:35 PM

Those who read my last post know the frustration I've felt lately struggling to just register my XBox Live gamertag with my Passport account.

It should be simple: you just re-enter the details from your original account info into the little text boxes and voila. But not so simple it turns out. I couldn't figure it out, the helpful tech support people this morning didn't fix it. But this afternoon another XBox support staffer showed me the light. And the culprit is, once again, the curse that my parents imbued on me at birth. Because I dont' remember her name (or if she even said it) we'll call her Sally, and we'll start from when we both try to get passed the info form durign the registration process.

Sally: So once you get to this screen and you type in your details, what happens
Me: I get an error saying they couldn't find my info.
Sally: (begins to type in my info)
Sally: All right, so once you type in your info, do you see the screen with the images you can select from?
Me (Confused): Wait...you got past that screen? What GamerTag did you enter in?
Sally: (confirms gamer tag)
Me: And my name? D, apostrophe, A,R,C,Y...

And then this, and I tell you, I can't believe it.

Sally: Which apostrophe did you use?
Me: Uh, the only one...next to the Enter key.
Sally: No, you need to use the one next to the number one.
Me: HUH?! (I try typing using that key)

So there you have it: my damn apostrophe was the whole cause of this mess, because obviously THAT'S the one I would have used to type my name. So while I was typing

D'Arcy Lussier

It wanted

D`Arcy Lussier




# re: You've gotta be kidding me

Looks like a forward apostrophe for you most of the time... that's lame that something converted the regular apostrophe to a backwards one... :-/ 11/23/2005 7:39 PM | Eric Newton

# re: You've gotta be kidding me

OMG! You don't even get to decide how to write your OWN name? Sheesh... Well, as late as week I had to show *another* person how to write a genuine apostrophe, so it's not as easy as it look (for some people ;-) 11/24/2005 1:50 AM | Jannik Anker

# re: You've gotta be kidding me

And that's "as late as LAST week" :-/ 11/24/2005 1:50 AM | Jannik Anker

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