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My name is David Jacobus I am a former teacher of Computer Science and Mathematics, who is now working full time as a SharePoint Consultant! I have raced off-road motorcycles for 30+ years! I have fallen in love with Glamis and the Dune experience the last few years! My friends like to say: Jake, with age comes the cage! I suppose that is because at Glamis I use a Razor XP 900! Which has a full roll cage!

David Jacobus SharePoint Consultant January 2011 Entries
Silverlight Asyncronomous Programming
I have been working on a Silverlight Navigation application which uses LINQ to query an XML data source and has been working without a hitch until I added a control to the landing page. All other pages which worked fine were loaded from the navigation service Once I added the control I got a page not found error! (The page is there) and If navigated to, it works as expected. What happens, it that I closed the error Modal dialog and then clicked on another page, then navigate back to the landing page ......

Posted On Tuesday, January 18, 2011 6:26 PM

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