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after about a 16 hour straight coding session, the Tagging control rolls out in its spiffy new suit. It has the same tagging functionality with one key difference. the whole thing is dhtml/ now. javascript functions on the front and c# on the backend methods. its so cool. well worth the effort i put into it. the more i work with dhtml/ the more entranced i become with it. I have had my share of difficulties with the model though. The ClientID issue has nailed me a few times. finding crap in the dom turned out to be easier than anticipated. obviously finding things on by the elementid is the simple solution, however i was building a dynamic html table on the backend ajaxmethods and passing that back to the client side javascript. originally i was going to go after those table rows (primarily the links within each row of the rendered table) by surfing the dom looking for html control types. but then it occured to me that i could set some properties dynamically when i build the html table. so for the link onclick events i would implant the rows key id into the function call associated with the onclick event. pretty slick. I did spend an hour pounding my face against the keyboard because one of my controls couldnt be found by the document.getelement call. then i find later that i was going after the element by calling "ClientID + "hidObjectName". Looks almost o.k. doesnt it? it is however missing one key ingredient. the stupid underscore. It needed to read "ClientID + "_hidObjectName". so lame. It was however 2:30 a.m. so i'm allowed to overlook things at that hour. Theres so much more that i know i can do with I'm sure i've only begun to scratch the surface of this library.
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