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Last night, I got around to investigating the new Web Slice functionality in IE8. I browsed to and found various slices in the home page.   I installed the 'News' slice and then clicked on the button in my Favourites be greeted by a rude message saying that "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page".
Bemused, I went binging and soon discovered that Google Gears and Web Slices don't play nicely together.   Unfortunately, this wasn't the answer.   I don't have Google Gears installed.   However, this prompted me to start working through my various Add-ins, disabling them and restarting the browser.   Eventually I found the culprit.   Web Slices, it appears, don't play nicely with Microsoft's 'Windows Live Family Safety Browser Helper Class' add-in.   Why I had this installed and enabled on my work notebook, I cannot say (the kids are not allowed anywhere near my machine).   Anyway, disabling the add-in enabled the new Web Slice features in IE8.
I couldn't find any mention of this anywhere on the web (not even when I googled rather than binged).   Maybe the problem is specific to my machine.  Before anyone asks, yes, this is repeatable.   Every time I switch the Family Safety add-in back on, web slices stop working.   Maybe web slices are deemed to be dangerous and this is by design.    Anyway, I hope this post will save someone a few minutes of annoyance.   I am, incidentally, using IE8 RTM on Vista Business with SP2.
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