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Chris G. Williams Beware: I mix tech and personal interests here.

It's that time of year where I get ridiculously busy. In addition to working on EDAKTBYD as much as possible, I'm also entering conference season.

I was just at the MVP Summit a couple weeks ago, and now I'm headed to the NYC Code Camp this weekend. (3/6/10)

That's followed by a trip to Austin, TX to speak at SXSW (3/12/10) and then flying from there to Vegas for MIX (315/10 - 3/17/10).

Once I get back, I have the kickoff meeting for the new relaunch of the Twin Cities XNA group (3/18/10).

I'll have a small amount of downtime (a couple days) before my mom gets in town... *sigh* and then my Fragathon 2 event (4/17/10) at Microsoft.

A couple weeks of rest and then Jason Bock and I go on our Wisconsin User Group Tour in early May (5/10/10 - 5/13/10). 4 Groups in 4 Days.

The weekend after that is the Richmond Code Camp (5/22/10), in Richmond, VA.

A couple more weeks to catch my breath and then the User Group Leadership Summit (6/6/10) and Tech Ed in New Orleans (6/7/10 - 6/11/10)

Finally another break and then wrapping it up with CodeStock in Knoxville, TN (6/25/10 - 6/26/10)


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