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After lunch, I managed to sit in on John Alexander's Surface talk. John didn't have a surface machine handy, but he did have an emulator, the sdk and some video clips. Looking forward to this talk, I managed to grab a seat front row center while John set up his laptop.

I have to say, John did a fantastic job in his talk, especially not having an actual Surface machine there. The video snippets he showed were relevant, and the stuff he showed us via emulation was very cool. Some great questions, which John handled easily. John is a very entertaining (and knowledgeable) presenter.

Seeing his talk made me really want to get hold of the Surface SDK (currently limited availability) and start making some XNA apps/games for it. The $12,000 price tag is a little too hefty for me, right now, but like all things... the price will come down and hopefully I'll be ready when it does.

Good job John!
Posted on Saturday, December 6, 2008 5:19 PM | Back to top

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