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(no this is not another Lance Bass is gay post)

This weekend I upgraded my daughter's Mac cube. I approached this task with a significantly higher level of trepidation than upgrading a Windows based OS (such as going from XP to Vista for example) primarily because I know what a royal p.i.t.a. it is to upgrade my Windows OS and I know infinitely less about the Mac. If something goes wrong... I'm not likely to be able to fix it unassisted. (I've fixed more than a few botched Windows upgrades, thanks for asking.)

Well, there was a point to this post, and this is it.  Holy crap that was easy. Regardless of whether you love or hate Steve Jobs... his fanatical, perhaps tyrannical, insistence upon perfection has served him (and his customers) well once again. The upgrade (and this was no minor hotfix or service pack) went incredibly smoothly. It took about as long as a regular XP install, maybe a hair longer, but I was asked significantly less questions. Ironically, I still knew what was going on pretty much the entire time.

Nicely done guys, but I'm still not buying an Ipod. I'm waiting for Zune.

(Incidentally, for those of you that care about such trivialities, this is the only Mac in my house. I didn't buy it, my mom did. The upgrade was to OS-X Panther. I have 8 other computers (3 AMD, 5 INTEL) in the house and they all happily run Windows... 4 run XP, 1 is running Vista, the rest run various flavors of Win 2000. All are running licensed copies.)

Posted on Wednesday, July 26, 2006 12:13 PM General Interest | Back to top

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