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That would be Metrics that Matter (in case you weren't hip to my acronym), although in this case it's the Metrics that DON'T Matter that I'm really steamed about.

Ok, perhaps evil is too strong of a word, how about: necessary evil.

I understand the need for an evaluation system, I'm not arguing that point. However, there needs to be a way to seperate the relevant evaluation points from what I like to refer to as, the crap.

If you've ever taught, you know what I'm referring to...

  • The guy who give a low “facilities“ ratings because his seat is too small, or the room is a little too warm, or he doesn't like the free soda selection.
  • The guy who hates Microsoft and doesn't want to be there so he nitpicks the book and gives low marks because “teh book had to many typoes.”
  • The woman who never shut up all week and drove everyone nuts because she knew everything and shook her head furiously every time someone asked what she considered to be an obvious question. (oops, how did that get in there? Oh yeah, she didn't like the “flow“ of the class...)
  • The training centers who can't or won't use VPC images and attempt to rework the entire course configuration the Sunday before your class begins. I love surprises, just not when I'm in the middle of training and WHOOPS?!? Where the hell is my _________?

All (ok, some) of this is valuable feedback, but none of it is relevant to my skills as an instructor. The way MtM works, all of the crap (see above for definition) gets factored in to MY score. The facility could care less, of course, about the individual scores and the tiny seats. (Ok not ALL facilities are that way, but many are.)

But... as an MCT, I have to meet a certain level of acceptability with my evals. (Now... just in case you were all scared that your friendly neighborhood MCT was in jeopardy of not continuing on the path of righteousness... fear not. My average eval over the last 2 years is an 8.5 out of 10.) As a freelance trainer, who has taught in several different facilities (some better than others), it is ridiculous to be measured over something I have no control over.

So... while I concede it is necessary to collect this information, however there should be a way to separate the relevant bits from the crap. Yes, the training center needs to know the seats are too tiny or the coffee sucks, but I need to be able to show a score that is independant of those marks.

Also... the MtM site sucks. Big time. It should not be this time consuming and kludgy to get my information.



Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2006 7:16 AM General Interest | Back to top

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