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I've opted not to renew my World of Warcraft subscription. I didn't even play two hours in the last month, because I'm just too busy with work and side projects. I'm keeping my City of Heroes / City of Villains account for now, but I almost never play that either. I just don't have the time.

Of course, this: looks kinda interesting... so (go figure) I signed up for the private beta. (I might as well, since I beta'd D&D Online, City of Villains, Auto Assault and countless other games you probably never heard of.)

Speaking of DDO. A couple weeks ago I got an opportunity to partake in a “Free 2 Week Trial“ and I have to say... while the gameplay and graphics are significantly improved from the beta (as they should be), my original opinion stands:

I WANT to like this game... I really really do. I've played D&D in one form or another for 3/4 of my life (seriously, it's been exactly 3/4) and I really want to like this game. It's just not there yet for me. It isn't visually appealing, the quests are not engaging, and it just doesn't “feel“ like D&D. I guess that's the big thing, and I know it's entirely too vague for most of you, but there you have it... it doesn't feel like D&D. (I'm not sure WoW does either, but it is more FUN, which counts for a heck of a lot.)

Posted on Wednesday, May 10, 2006 6:08 AM Game Development , General Interest | Back to top

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