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ASP.NET Developer's Cookbook
Review by Cherrie Yuen (of the Greater Charleston .NET User Group)

"ASP.NET Developer's Cookbook" is a truly handy-dandy code reference. It does what it says. I am impressed by how the authors touch on a vast amount of topics, yet keeping the content succinct at the same time.  The excellent organization of topics not only helps you find the solutions quickly, but also inspires you with other great ideas.

Here is a snapshot of book topics:
1. ASP.NET Pages
      - Web Forms, User & Custom Controls, Caching, Mobile Controls
2. ASP.NET Applications
      - App Configuration, Session State, Security
3. Data Access
      - Error Handling & Debugging, ADO.NET, DataReaders & DataSets, XML
4. Common Tasks
      - Classes, Strings, Numbers/Dates/Times, Files & Folders, Collections
5. Network Access
      - Web Services, LDAP/ADSI Directory Services
6. Advanced .NET Framework Tasks   
      - Images, Threading/Remoting/Reflection & CodeDOM
Under each big topic, you will find nicely organized sub-topics, each with a piece of code sample. All code samples are clean, tried and tested by dedicated developers, and ready to be integrated into a larger project.
The authors then break down each piece of code sample into four sub-sections:
1. The "Goal" section
    contains a description of what the piece of code will do.
2. The "Technique" section
    contains an introduction of main "ingredients" for the piece of code and an explanation of how it works.
3. The "Comments" section
    contains areas to consider while using the code sample.
4. The "See Also" section
    contains pointers to other related book chapters and/or Web references. 
With little experience in ASP.NET, I recently got involved in a ASP.NET project. This book provided exactly what I needed. For example, I was thinking about uploading a document from the client and reading it line-by-line on the server. I flipped to Chapter 17 "Working with Files and Folders" and found my solutions. Without knowing in the first place that I could store a file in an Isolated Storage, I improved my solution to do that.
If you were like me, not a fan of fiction when it comes to programming books, this cookbook will serve you well. Use the recipes to make yourself a wonderful dish - without making a mess. 
Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2005 2:51 PM General Interest , Reviews | Back to top

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