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OMG I'm exhausted. I feel like I've been beaten with a bag of tshirt bricks.

As the first official day of Tech*Ed draws to a close, let me just say one thing... “NOBODY throws a bash like Microsoft”. I have not spent a dime since I left SC. Everything at Tech*Ed is covered. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, after-parties, etc... It's amazing.  (Ok yeah, technically I owe the state of Florida 75 cents but that's a whole other issue.)

Met more cool folks today, and also got a chance to get better acquainted with some of the cool folks I met yesterday. Loaded up on more swag of course, and I've officially exceeded my return trip capacity. I'm gonna be thinning the herd by Thursday night as I try to figure out what stays and goes.

Attended a few sessions today, including one on the .NET Compact Framework and where it's headed, and another session on Visual Studio Team System. Also sat in on a focus group for the MSDN Community Forums. That was pretty cool. Made a bunch of new contacts for the User Group, and solicited some more sponsors.

I've given out a TON of business cards over the last two days. I laughed when (someone?) suggested bringing all of them, but now I wonder if maybe he was right?? 

Tomorrow will be an even busier day than today, since I'll be working the INETA prize patrol and also some of the Birds of a Feather cabana sessions. Tomorrow afternoon is the “My CodeZone” launch party...  the dark side is strong... I must resist it.  I'm pretty well convinced that CodeZone will have effectively axe-murdered INETA by the end of the year. I hate to say it, but I just don't see the point in having both of them (especially both being funded by MS... makes no sense).

Had a chat with the Apress guys about the VB.NET game programming book I blogged about earlier in the week. Apparently there's a second edition of the book coming out (fairly soon?) and two of the original authors have been sacked, leaving just one voice. The Apress guy asked me to Tech Review the 2nd Edition, which I will gladly do. I wasn't crazy about the writing style of the first one, but it could have been any of the authors. The biggest gripe I had was the errors in the code, which were inexcusable for a book that was allegedly run through a tech-editor.

I also talked to some of the mobile development guys, and snagged some of the sdk swag for the UG. Good stuff!

that's all, I'm done. Sleepy time.

Posted on Monday, June 6, 2005 9:19 PM | Back to top

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Sounds like you are having one heck of a good time, boss. :-)
Left by Theo Moore on Jun 07, 2005 8:50 PM

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