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The day started off well. Sara picked me up at home around 11:30 and took me to the airport. Being the AR type, I always try to get there about 2 hours early.  As usual, I was glad I did.


There aren't many things in this world more entertaining than folks who are running late for a flight, blaming everyone but themselves and trying to take it out on folks who just do not give a damn. I show up two hours early, check in, let them search my checked luggage, get in line... no hurry. Open my backpack, take out my laptop, pda, cell phone & sun glasses. I remove the keys, belt & shoes like a good little drone, hold up my ticket and photo id... (Henry Rollins would be proud). KA-BAM I'm through the line in no time.  Meanwhile, angry guy is ranting and raving about how all these stupid delays are going to make him miss his flight. The guy he is yelling at does not care, I don't care either. I'm ready to pop some popcorn. The truly funny part is that the louder and more obnoxious this guy gets, the longer it takes. Coincidence?  I think not...


So I'm through the line with some time to kill.  Whip out the laptop. I don't see anywhere to plug in, so I'm running on battery power. Let me just say Visual Studio 2005 Team System BETA 2 absolutely DOES NOT like running on battery power. My god it's sooo slow. Almost unusable.


Ok now it's time to board... my that's a small plane. Puddle-jumper might be an exaggeration, since I'm not sure it was even that big. It wasn't a crowded flight though... I had an entire row to myself (of course there's only one seat on my side of the row, but I digress).  This plane was so small, the pilot told everyone to raise the shades during take off. Hmmm I guess this was funnier when I told it at the Palermo event.


So the flight is mercifully brief, and I get to the Orlando airport/mall.  I think these guys are in direct comptetition with Atlanta for the most stuff crammed into one place. Wow.  Off to baggage claim, grab my bag without even slowing down. Swing by the rental car desk, and I'm out the door with the keys. This place is a model of efficiency. Wow!


Then it all goes to hell.  Apparently the road leading (anywhere?) from the airport is a toll road. Hmmm... guess who has no cash? Ever... Well hey, it's 75 cents. How bad could it be. (I won't bore you with the gory details, although I have 20 days to come up with 75 cents or it's gonna be a long hot summer on foot for yours truly...)


So I finally find the disComfort Inn... wait wait wait... oh wrong hotel. Drive around in circles for a bit, and voila... I find the place. Get checked in. Pleasant surprise #1:  free wireless internet in the rooms!!  (Apparently, "in the room" actually means out on the balcony, waaay out on the balcony, but anyway...


The room is decent, and I drop off my stuff... hit the road for the first event on my list:  Partying with Palermo. So I get to the Peabody (niiice place), find the gang and order dinner. Wow what a great time... I'm so glad I went. (Almost called it a night in the room, but anyway)


So I met some incredibly cool people tonight:


 - Palermo, of course. The reason we were all there. 

 - Laura Hunter, MVP (Windows Server). She's experiencing her own degree of motel hell. Her stories are definitely worse than mine. We talked for a while and she was full of good info about working with Apress (she's published) and she also passed me her blog url:

 - Scott Belware. Where do I start?  This guy is hilarious! I sat next to him all through dinner. He's something of a moving target though... talking about everything from cockroaches to XBox MVPs. (Just what do those guys do anyway? What a sweet gig!)  He wouldn't be Scott if he didn't have an opinion on VB.NET of course, and he spent some time dissing the guys. pretty funny stuff. We also had a pretty interesting one on one conversation about INETA & CodeZone, and the inevitable death of INETA at the hands of the MS marketing behemoth.  (other's have posted on this very topic before, so I'm not going to bore you with details.)


Lastly, and possibly the best part of the evening... was definitely hanging out with the other scholarship awardees.  Turns out I actually knew some of these guys from the Atlanta code camp, but there were some new faces too. We sat around and talked for a lonnnng time, pretty much closed the place down. As an aside, we also found out just how many geeks you can cram into a 2-door Impreza. (The answer is 6, but the last guy has to lay sideways across the other three in the back seat.) Surprisingly, the Impreza still handles the turns pretty well.  (pictures were taken, to be posted later)


Rob Zelt, Brandon Scwartz, Matt Ranlo, Caleb Jenkins (I missed one guys name, but I'll get it tomorrow... darn those slippery canadians!)


Other people I bumped into, but didn't really get to chat with (much): Brian Noyes,          

Darrell Norton, Mickey Gorsset, DonXML, Andy Winters, Christian Weyer, John Lowther & Jeff Schoolcraft


Tomorrow is a BIG day, with the UG Leader Summit, and Tech Ed Registration. I'll be busy from 6:30am to about 8:00pm. I'll update more then.  nite y'all!

Posted on Saturday, June 4, 2005 11:59 PM | Back to top

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I had a great time hanging with all the cool guys and girls last night. I'm glad I decided to venture over and not just go eat at the Sizzler. I just saw Renee and hope to bump into everyone else during the week.
Left by Andy Winters on Jun 05, 2005 11:20 AM

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