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Demon Stone (PC version) review

I picked up this game for two reasons. First because it's a licensed D&D product, and I'm sorta obsessive that way. Second, because R.A. Salvatore's name was attached to it. This is one of those purchases I'm going to live to regret.

For starters, it's an obvious XBOX port. The PC version of the game even makes references to "push the black button" in game. I don't own a joypad for my PC, that's why I have an XBOX. If you try to play this game with a keyboard and mouse you're not going to enjoy it. Trust me.

The graphics are pretty good, and take advantage of my DirectX 9 compatible card, but even still it could be better. There are a few times where there was some pretty bad clipping going on.

Gameplay is incredibly linear, and the "immersive storyline" is a joke. I've played standup arcade games with greater depth. The character levelup occurs at the end of each "episode" and all 3 characters go up at the same rate. Levelling is handled by spending experience points to acquire skills, and the game barely adheres to D&D 3.5e rules (despite it's claims). Also, characters earn an absurd amount of gold between each level although it's unclear where they are getting it. You spend pretty much all of it on powerups when you go up a level.

This game in no way resembles an RPG, despite it's origins in the D&D ruleset (which they obviously ignored). There's no character development at all. Not even in the beginning of the game.

Also, I love R.A. Salvatore's writing, but none of it is apparent in this game.

I'll keep it because it has the D&D logo on it, and like I said I'm kinda funny that way, but I don't recommend you pay anywhere near full price for this game. Posted on Saturday, March 12, 2005 5:55 PM General Interest , Reviews | Back to top

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