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Yesterday was my birthday (hold your applause) and I took a road trip up to Roanoke VA. (For the record, that's normally an 8 hour drive, which I made in 5 1/2 hours.)  The reason for the trip was three-fold:  1) I wanted to see my friends and family and 2) I wanted to attend the electoral nominations of the Roanoke Valley .NET User Group (RV.NUG) that I started back in August of 2003, which just happened to be meeting last night, and 3) because Geoff Snowman of Microsoft was presenting at the RV.NUG meeting.

Well I made the mistake of telling a couple people I was coming, and they decided to turn the NUG meeting into a birthday party. Wow! Needless to say, I was pretty suprised.  The meeting went well, and the low-carb birthday cheesecake was actually pretty good. (Thanks Lori) and Geoff was awesome, as always. The gifts were nice too, D&D minis and a Southpark DVD. We also got a couple of digital pics of Geoff presenting while wearing a party hat. :)

After the NUG meeting, a number of us went to a local bar for drinks and pool. I got my butt soundly kicked by Geoff Snowman in a game of cut-throat. Geoff bought a round of drinks and some of the best chicken wings I've ever tasted.

It was a great night!

Posted on Friday, January 7, 2005 9:03 AM | Back to top

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