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I attended the NCTC Fall Gala last night at the Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center.  My company just joined and we sponsored a table.  Chris Atienza and his wife as well as Jessica Taylor attended with me.  I immediately ran into some people I worked with in the past and started a conversation discussing mobile development.  That was a good conversation and may lead to something interesting.

At the table we met Anne Giles Clelland, the president of Handshake Media, Inc.  They have an interesting business and she shared their Android application.  Their premise is that even with all of our social networking technology, "it's still who you know."  You can learn more at   

The keynote speaker was David Houle, futurist and strategic advisor.  He is very passionate and energetic about the future and what he calls The Shift Age, the current age of mankind.  He has numerous awards and quite a resume including launching MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, and CNN Headline News (among many others).  You can learn more about him and his ideas at  Although he is working on another book, you can still get a copy of The Shift Age ( link - also available for Kindle). 

As a shameless plug, his ideas are of particular interest because they are well aligned with our current strategy of Automate...Collaborate...Mobilize...Grow...  You can learn more at  I had an opportunity to speak with David afterward about our initiative and how it relates to his vision of the next decade.  He offered some excellent feedback and advice in just a few minutes.  He is extremely intelligent and fast!

An overall excellent experience!  I can't wait to attend next year!

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