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Since All the APIs for Windows Azure storage, queues for communication are all RESTful endpoints.

I thought this might be a good book…


I don’t have a review, just started reading but……



“Flanders, begins by introducing the basic concepts of REST. Next, the author introduces the WCF channel and programming models. Then, he
introduces you to the WebGetAttribute, which is the mechanism for building resources that return read-only representations. He continues by examining the special considerations for hosting this type of endpoint. Next, the author shows you how to build and consume feeds using the WCF feed programming model. Then, he examines WCF 3.5's ability to return data as XML- or JSON-encoded results, as well as the integration between WCF and
ASP.NET Ajax. The author continues by examining the WCF settings for
enabling security and for creating an endpoint that is highly secure. Next,
he focuses on both stateless and stateful workflow models for implementing
RESTful services. He continues by taking a look at Restful service, SQL
Server Data Services, and decompose it into a WCF service contract that can
invoke the service through the WCF programming model. Finally, the author
looks at a couple of slightly more advanced HTTP features and how to use
them with your RESTful services in WCF.”

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