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I took some time today to convert one of my older game demos to work with the XNA 3.0 CTP. Move the Growing Creature but Do Not Collide is now a 3.0 project. I also made a little video to go along with it.



Then, just for fun, I whipped up a little Pong clone called Hit the Ball and Do Not miss. (Also took some time to make a video for that).


You can download the source for both projects from their respective pages on Both were fun samples to make and are great beginner projects for people just exploring the XNA framework and game development.

The problem with these samples is that they do a great job of showing how you can whip together some gameplay, but they do a really poor job of showing how to make a game. And really, there's a LOT more to game development than gameplay. Check out this list on XNAWiki that Nick Gravelyn put together on all the little finishing touches a "polished" game should have. These demos do not even scratch the surface of showing how to put all of that into a game.

This is definitely something I'm going to have to look at correcting in the future. I want my demos and tutorials to be as helpful as possible to the community so I'm going to have to start learning to put a little polish on what I put out there. In the meantime enjoy and have some fun tweaking the source code and adding the polish yourself!

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