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Well, tonight I was trying to speed up some load times for some things and as I was trying to figure out what functions were taking a long time and where those functions were being called from I ran into a stumbling block.

My old trusty Call Stack Window, which I rely quite heavily upon when debugging, is gone in the Express version. Now I know Jason will pipe up and say, No it's not you blockhead noob! And his shrill piping voice would be both correct and wrong. You see Microsoft apparently loves the C# guys a little more than the VB guys.

Yep, you understand me correctly. The Call Stack window is there for all the other languages in the Express edition, but not for VB as you can see from this pretty little picture provided by Microsoft

Now that just kind of sucks. Oh well, I can work around it and it's still pretty hard to complain because it's a FREE DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT!! But still, I noticed and it did slow me down a bit so I thought I'd share.

Overall things are progressing fairly well, I've got a good start on Feeding Frenzy (the Pac Man clone level) and Follow the Leader (the Centipede/Snake clone level). I'm still hoping to get some code up, but I have to admit it feels a bit like streaking through a room full of people wishing you had a few more months to put some weight training and extra sit-ups in before you committed to that thrilling experience.

I'm sure I'll get over my shyness and you'll see me naked soon enough....I mean my code soon enough ;)

Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2006 2:00 AM GWB Game Design Challenge | Back to top

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# re: My first complaint with Visual Studio Express
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That blows. I may switch to C#...

Im getting fed up with only being able to do a single case in VB's Select Case anyhow...
Left by Rick on May 24, 2006 2:53 PM

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