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Well for those of you who follow me and my blog (and who doesn't); a major life change signifies a shift in focus on this blog.  For over a year I have been a big proponent of good User Experience.  But as I have made some very deliberate decisions in my career I am assuming a role as a Scrum Master and Delivery Manager.  I will still have architectural responsibilities too.  So to be true to the principles of software design that I believe in, I will stay true to User Experience in my new roles, I just may not blog about it so much.

As I exit stage left from the forefront of User Experience I just have to say that the term User Experience has been over used and misused by so many.  The real misuse of "User Experience" came about with the introductions of WPF and Silverlight in my opinion.  Now don't get me wrong, these two technologies certainly do enhance the beauty and functionality of an application.  However to me User Experience is more than skin deep.  The User Experience is really all about the psychology of the user in relationship to the software they are using.  It is about the user's perception of ease of use, the software's ability to keep the user on task and the conversation that ensues between the two.

I've said it before in this blog, the User Experience is  not owned simply by the UI designer/developer.  The User Experience is the shared responsibility of the entire development team and begins at project inception.  UX must be a first class citizen during solution architecture and remain so through presentation development and delivery.


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