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So you are a loyal Verizon customer, huh?  You are up for your "New Every Two" upgrade, huh.  You hate your old cell phone because the up arrow and 9 key are broken.  Well it is a no-brainer then, run don't walk to your Verizon store and get that new phone.

WAIT!  STOP RUNNING!  Do you have applications, games or ringtones on your current phone that you have paid $6 or $7 for?  Hmmm... did you ever wonder how you were going to get those applications, games or ringtones on to your new Verizon phone?  Oh maybe you should just download all that stuff again on to the new phone.  Then just call Verizon customer service and ask for a credit.  Right?  Well, in a word, NO!

Verizon's policy is that if you upgrade phones, they will penalize you for continuing to use their service and purchase a new phone.  The policy says, you can get your old apps by downloading them again.  Oh and congratulations, you get to pay for them again too.  That's right kids.  Not only are you blessed with paying $90.00 or more per month for your cell service, but you get to buy your downloaded applications again and again and again each time you upgrade your phone.

Wow, just when you thought the telecom industry couldn't get more sleazy.  They have found a way to drain even more of your hard earned money from you by creating applications with a limited life span.  Isn't it bad enough that the cell phone itself is "disposable"?  Now you get to throw out your applications right along with the old phone.

Maybe you don't really need to dial a phone number with a 9 in it.  Maybe you should just keep your existing phone.  At least you still have your applications!


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Verizon Wireless sucks!
Left by Steve Bossen on Jan 21, 2008 2:53 AM

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