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So if we gathered all the “Morts” in the world and put them in one place would we call it the Mortosphere or Mortopia? 

Do Morts blog? 
Do Morts read blogs? 
Do Morts know they are Morts? 
Do Morts care that they are Morts? 
Do Morts know why they are Morts? 
Do Morts want to be more than Morts?

Sorry, that was quite unprofessional.  I’ll get to my point now.

My buddy Don if not through his blog post then through our off-line conversation makes a very altruistic argument to bridge the development gap for the less sophisticated developer; in some circles known as the “Mort”.  His contention is that if we (the IT community) are to achieve great things then we (”the non-Mort”) community must build the bridges by which the Morts can absent mindedly cross the treacherous waters of proper, functional, non-spaghetti code development.

I alluded to this in a prior post about VB being different than C#.  My opinion is, don't dumb it down.  If you hold developers to the same standards across the board I believe you will achieve the same level of quality and much more maintainable code.  Remove the crutches and short cuts.  Thin out the herd.  Then and only then can we progress to concepts beyond the fundamentals (i.e. Domain Specific Languages). 

Just as an official aside here, I never actually received my diploma as I graduated from Mortdom.  I just invited myself to the big kids table.  So for all I know, I could still be a Mort, and not even know it.  Which goes to one of my first questions.

A Mort in my mind is a lot like a person that can't program their VCR clock.  They know there is an instruction manual, but they refuse to read and understand it.  Instead they prefer to blaze trails through trial and error.  And when that doesn't work they simply reassure themselves that is okay to have the clock flash 12:00 AM so long as the movie still plays.

I don't know that you can change that type of developer no matter how many easy to use tools you provide to them.  If you don't read instructions, you don't read instructions period. 

So Don, don't blame OO.  It's not the problem, it is a symptom.




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I think the place should be called Mortapolis , as in Necropolis. We're talking mortals. What do you think?
Left by farrokh on Aug 04, 2005 9:39 AM

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