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One of my main tasks now that I'm back at work is to migrate our TFS from 2005 to 2008. Our main concern is with process templates. We went to quite a lot of trouble to create our own process template and we do not want to lose that work.

I posted a question on MSDN forums about customized process templates migration without much success. So, I decided to dive in on our test environment and see what happens.

Test procedure:

  1. Prepare a test machine with Windows Server 2003, TFS2005, VisualStudio 2008 and WSS 2.0.
  2. Install MyCustomTemplate on TFS2005 in test machine.
  3. Create a team project with MyCustomTemplate.
  4. Used TFS to TFS migration tool to migrate a medium-size project from the production TFS to this test TFS (to the team project created in step 3). The tool did not work very well and only part of the source code was migrated (for work items, it worked fine).
  5. Backup the project portal (see from our TFS 2005 and restore on test TFS2005.
  6. Updgraded test machine WSS2.0 to WSS3.0. This step is not mentioned in upgrade section of the TFS installation guide! You need to follow the steps under the "Install SharePoint Products and Technologies onWindows Server" section (also explained here). Notice that before running the "Sharepoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard", you need to run the prescan tool on all your sites (click help link at the beginning of the wizard for details).
  7. Upgraded test machine to TFS2008.

Here is a summary of what happened with process templates:

  • On TFS 2005, the out-of-the-box templates (MSF4Agile and MSF4CMMI) are version 4.0.
  • On TFS 2008, the out-of-the-box templates (MSF4Agile and MSF4CMMI) are version 4.2.
  • After migrating, TFS 2008 contained (besides MSF4Agile and MSF4CMMI v4.2) the process templates available in my TFS 2005 (even those not used, customized or not).
  • Since the templates were migrated, there was no loss of work items.
  • The source code was migrated correctly, including the version control history.
  • The project portal was migrated to WSS 3.0 (all content was kept). Of course, given that the Sharepoint template for the project was customized it still look very "WSS 2.0". There is no need to create a WSS 3.0 template for your custom process template before upgrading.
  • The builds were also fine. Besides, when using VisualStudio and Team Explorer 2008, the "New build definiton" is now available (with TFS2005 it was greyed).
  • The reports were migrated correctly, except for a custom one that didn't work anymore (there was an error in the report - no fault of the upgrade).

Good migration y'all!

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