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I have recently received an inquiry from a client that wants to migrate his NUnit test to VSTS. They had heard that VSTS unit tests performed worse than NUnit. My answer (some info comes from MSFT):
  • It is true that running a set of empty tests using NUnit is faster than running them using VSTS (about 20% faster), but if these tests are not empty and have something in them, then this difference reduces.

  • Performance using VSTS will be best if you run the tests from the command line and using the /noisolation option (MSTest.exe) [When VSTS tests are executed on the IDE, each one runs on its own process, so that if a test crashes, the whole environment does not crash too. Obviously, there is a performance tradeoff. You can avoid this tradeoff by running them on the command line and specifying "no isolation".]

  • They are working on performance for the next version and doing good progress.

I have also found a couple of old (beta) bugs regarding unit testing and performance but these should be ok in the RTM vesion:

There is also an open bug on web testing eating too many resources (I don't think these kind of tests applied to my client, though)

Posted on Friday, November 17, 2006 7:50 PM Team System | Back to top

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