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Technological Adventures in Higher Education or What I Learned about an Undulator Hall

It's been several months since my last post, both because I was busy at the University of Kansas (KU) and because I was talking to North Carolina State University about a position in the Office of Information Technology.  I took a position at NC State as an Active Directory Architect and as I transition from KU to NC State I have been thinking about the various IT strategies I have seen at Stanford, KU, and NC State.  I have read an article from the UCLA CIO (Jim Davis) several times about a layered model approach that I think works very well in the academic environment, both on the operations and research side.  Here's a link to the article for those interested:

More to come as I get integrated into NC State.  I am going to be very busy with a Identity Management project for the University, so I imagine I'll be writing about that in the near future.

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The link to ucla is borked :(
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