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Just left the Keynote for today.  And I’ve finally found something at this PDC that I’m really excited about.  Yes, Monad is a great shell.   Expression looks fantastic, and I hope that the designer types will love it.  Office 12 is the office system we’ve been waiting for since 2000.   Windows Vista is very flashy, but while flash is pretty it doesn’t help me do my job (I know there’s a lot in Vista other than just flash).  And, of course, I want Visual Studio 2005.  But I’ve been using various releases of VS2005 since January of 2004, so it’s hard for me to STILL be excited about it.

But, IIS7.  Wow.  This release will fix just about all of my complaints with IIS.  The metabase?  Gone.  You want to change the default page for the site?  Update the web.config.  You want to limit the surface area of IIS?  Remove whatever modules you don’t need.  This improves maintainability and limits exposure to attack.  You want to change the authentication method or how directory listings are done?  Add a handler and change the web.config file.  No restarts.  No service restarts.  Just go.

My only fear?  Can an attacker use this ultimate configurability to replace a real module with a trojan one?  If I were a hacker, that’s where I’d try to attack IIS7.

Despite that one worry,  I want it now.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait.  Well, that’s the goal of any presentation, I guess.  Leave ‘em wanting more.

Posted on Thursday, September 15, 2005 12:02 PM .NET Development , General | Back to top

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