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My friend Miel found this site from poisoned minds.

They have a nice breakdow on how time is really spent when developing a website. Of course this is good for a laugh :)

Poisoned mind webdesign piechart

I think they do have a point with the pure css lay-out. I for one am a dropshadow fan because if I put 2 divs on top of each other they need to look like there is some distance between them. I like the depth af the whole idea.  Up till now I haven't found a way to create a rectangle with rounded corners and a dropshadow (like in photoshop or fireworks dropshadow) using only divs. I can do it easily using tables tho.

But IE users must die. People love to attack microsoft stuff and I think those that complain about the quirks in IE start developing their site for other browsers than IE and that's where those people make a thinking mistake. The logic behind it is : if 95% of the users use IE why would you start developing a site that does not target this browser primarily.

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