September 2009 Entries

Presenting at SW Florida Code Camp - October 3, 2009
This weekend, October 3, 2009, I will be presenting at SW Florida Code Camp. Hope to see you there. Be sure to ask to see my phone, I have something really cool to show you. Here are the abstracts on the sessions I will be presenting: Windows Phone Widgets Intro on how to build Windows Mobile Phone Widgets. Level 100. In this presentation I will discuss the strategy, scenarios and applications of how an online presence, RIA application can be extended to a Windows Phone near you! I will explain how ......

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Windows Mobile Development – Beginning Widget Development, Widget Emulator Project
Continuing to share some helpful mobile development tools I find. In this post, Widgets. [If you attended one of my community talks, this is the blog post I mentioned.] The best resource for the Widget's details is the blog and MSDN page. That is what I used to prepare for my presentation and write a few widgets. The Widgets are incredibly simple. I was suprised once I read up on everything I can find. That is it. It’s all there is. Incredibly simple in v1 of Widgets for Windows Phone OS. 1. Setting ......

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Testing your Windwos Mobile apps on Windows Mobile Phone 6.5 - Video
Channel9 posted my presentation from Episode 4 of the TV Show Russ Tool Shed presents... "It's All About The Tools" Tool Shed Tooltip #26 - Mobility and the Mobility Market Place I don’t physically have test devices, how do I develop for so many different screen sizes on mobile devices? How do I make money selling my application for a mobile device? Can I develop for Windows Mobile 6.5 now? Lean the answers to these questions and more and join Nikita Polyakov, Microsoft MVP Device Application Development. ......

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