RE: What's an MVP and how to become one? Karen Young tells you all about it!

Re-Post of my Comment from a Ch8 Video Post: What's an MVP and how to become one? Karen Young tells you all about it!

This is a great presentation.

The video goes in great depth on what MVP is about and the kinds of people are involved and what you should know as a Student or Enthusiast.

I did want to quickly destroy some myths, because honestly, even I a few years ago though those were true. [read my signature at the end for irony]

I did not just want to shortly summarize the video, please do still watch the video, I am adding my own experience from what I have been doing so far.

Here is my own take on what you might have though about MVP + other ramblings of good advise:

1. YOU, yes you, can become an MVP, as a student with no 15 year experience of Industry of any kind needed, infact there aer alot of simply enthusiasts that go above and beyond that are MPVs that hold completely non-technical jobs during the day or a simply students.

2. You do not need 1,000,000 readers of your blog, but it could help. MVP is about community, be it on-line forums, real live interaction at local user groups, student organizations or code camps. It could be a really really cool blog that is well received by a community.

3. You do not have to be a super smart. But you should know quite a bit about your area, since you want to share about it with others who might have questions. MVP is about passion. People should be walking away from meeting you and instantly know that you are passionate about <insert you area of extreme interest and enthusiasm here>.

4. You do not have to be a world wide icon to be an MVP. But you can try to participate and get known in your area. The location of that area, be it physical or not, is what you get to decide and pick yourself. Everyone gets considered on their own level for their own merit.

5. Meeting other MVPs in your area WILL be helpful. They know what it takes and might have ways to add credit to your nomination. Other MVPs can be great mentors. You can also seek out MVPs in your interest area and spark a conversation. It's always a win-win. There is no competition or battles between MVPs.

5.1 [Even if you are not interested in MVP, for now, you should know these people in your area and also connect with any local MS staff as a Student this could open a lot of other opportunities, trust me.]

Sorry to step on the feet of the video and kinda side track this with mentoring/evangelisting rambles...

- Nikita Polyakov
  ASP.NET MVP 07-08 ;]
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PS: What about an Interview with JenP, HilaryP, DianeC, TracyH and ChristinaT - about what MSP is about and other great opportunities ???

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