AOL AIM Mail and Smart-phones

So I just realized that keeping a simple password on my AIM account, which I rarely use, is a bad thing, since someone put a new icon on my profile...8 tries at 3 personal questions later, password was secure. While I was there, on AIM Today, I decided to check out what is going on with the company that I have despised for years.

I click on email and logged in, didn't know I even had an email account with my screen name. I started pocking around - “great built-in AJAX calendar there” I said to myself...and this is when my eyes looked at the address bar - - that was a pleasant surprise.

AOL's mobile offering is lacking to say the least, I do like the AIM bots though - I also have Google SMS and all of the Microsoft MSN Mobile services.

I am also finally getting my new Palm 700*w smart-phone in the mail on Monday. The T-Mobile MDA has gotten a lot of use lately and I am thinking I will wear it down by the end of the year, which will barely make it to it's 1yr BDay.

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