September 2006 Entries

"ActiveSync" in Vista RC1
I've had to move my Outlook to my TabletPC Convertable Gateway m285 running Vista Ultimate RC1 and Office 2007 B2TR. I hooked up my WM5 - nada - just a file and music Sync dialog. <read below on the hack> Once I got the Sync working - ooooo pretty and functional brand new Windows Mobile Device Center How to: Looked around, took me like 15mins to find a solution to sync my WM5 to Outlook2007: Use RegEdit to add a key called “WHOS” to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software... Connect ......

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AOL AIM Mail and Smart-phones
So I just realized that keeping a simple password on my AIM account, which I rarely use, is a bad thing, since someone put a new icon on my profile...8 tries at 3 personal questions later, password was secure. While I was there, on AIM Today, I decided to check out what is going on with the company that I have despised for years. I click on email and logged in, didn't know I even had an email account with my screen name. I started pocking around - “great built-in AJAX calendar there” ......

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Developing Web Applications on Windows Vista with Visual Studio 2005

There is a great blog post by Bradley Millington that will get you started on using IIS7 RC1 with VS2005 in Vista.

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WATCH: Identity 2.0 talk
OSCON 2005 Keynote - Identity 2.0 by Dick Hardt | Founder & CEO, Sxip Identity Here is the Video: I find this interesting and I would be so happy the day that even 3-6 big sites agree on something like this and I can stop changing dozens of my passwords to new ones every other week across the internet. Biased or un-biased speaker? Who gives a crap the message is Web 2.0 -> Identity 2.0 and we need it bad, who and where and how is no where close to ......

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O'Reilly books code search (beta)
O'Reilly books code search (beta) - I tried it and I like what I get - With this - I get code sample results from books not some 10 pages of results in a search engine, Blog hogs and useless dead end un-answered forum threads. Most of the times I'd search for something.somethingelse. and really forget what I wanted to do or what was the proper syntax and where I'd implement this - ok this happens rarely “very late at night with something that I just want to work ......

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Joel's Blog on Finding Great Developers
Since I am currently in college[let's not get into that] - and I get asked from the professional world on almost weekly basis - we need great developers that want to learn and grow their knowledge. My usual response, good luck. I am baffled by how difficult it will be in few years for the company I own to get few interns to help out whit my dev and admin work that my company does. Mind you that finding a person in college that wants to learn AD and windows networks is a bored “Linux/Unix drop-out” ......

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