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So, I’ve been attending the ALM Summit Conference this week on Microsoft Campus in Redmond.  It was feeling a bit like “Intro to Agile” Conference as we got the 100 Level Agile overview at the start of almost every session.

As a result I tweeted and included the #almsummit hastag


Well, that started a lot of tweets from folks feeling the same way.  They also stressed that they wanted more depth, practices, dialogue.

Here’s the impressive thing.  Eric Willeke (@erwilleke) who was supposed to present right after lunch was following the twitter hashtag and took proactive action and worked with the conference organizers and they actually CHANGED the agenda and substituted an ALM Dojo session in place of his talk.

Moral of the story, if you  a participant in some event are dissatisfied with what’s going on, don’t just silently put up with it.  As a conference organizer, learn from the #ALMSummit folks and be prepared to adapt, after all, the conference is for the attendees, not the presenters.

I feel bad that Eric didn’t get to deliver his talk, but feel he did the absolute right thing and deserves TOP marks for ensuring they he added the most value he could to the attendees.

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So, he was being agile, right? Wow....that must be important. They should have told people the importance of agility. Oh, wait....nevermind.
Left by Brad Shantz on Nov 18, 2010 12:07 PM

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