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Life has a funny way of sending you down the path you are destined to travel. For me, this funny way involved two babies, a husband tired of living in the clutter of leftover baby gear, my professional capabilities as a developer and a growing entrepreneurial mindset.

I have an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts and an MS in Computer Science and Media Arts. I began my career as a Webmaster and Database Administrator. It was trial by fire and taught me to be a lifelong learner as well as the power of providing excellent, friendly service. Later, I worked as a Java Programmer and Web Application Developer.

When I was pregnant with my first son, I realized the flexibility of freelance work would be a better fit for my family and began working from home doing freelance Web Programming and Design. With the birth of my second son, I began to feel the call of entrepreneurship.

As my sons grew, I ended up with a huge stack of leftover baby gear taking up a car bay in our garage. My husband, ready to park both cars in the garage again, suggested I sell it, but I thought I could rent it instead. I put up a one-page website and within 3 days I had my first $300 reservation.

From there, I slowly hand built the Babierge Platform, embracing the newly-emerging Sharing Economy and watching delightedly as more and more reservations came in. It wasn’t long before I started having bigger dreams. I wanted to build a brand focused on excellent customer service and grow Babierge to be an international company. It can be scary to leave the security of a traditional job and head out alone into the startup world. If you’re feeling this fear, you’re not alone. Many Founders have been there. Trust yourself, believe in your work, and take pride in the core competencies you bring to your startup. Keep your eye on your customer. Solve a big problem. Change the way the world does something.

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