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If you are in the Orlando, FL area during the first week of May then you should head over to the Orlando DotNetNuke user group meeting.
Nik Kalyani will be the speaker and you will learn a great deal from him.

DotNetNuke Module Development with the MVP Pattern

This session focuses on introducing attendees to the Model-View-Presenter pattern, support for which was recently introduced in the DotNetNuke Core. We'll start with a quick overview of the pattern, compare it to MVC, and then dive right into code. We will start with fundamentals and then develop a full-featured module using this pattern. In order to do justice to the pattern, we will use ASP.NET WebForms controls minimally and implement most of the UI using jQuery plug-ins. Finally, to increase audience participation (both present at the meeting and remote), we will use a hackathon-style model and allow anybody, anywhere to follow along with the presentation and code their own MVP-based solution that they can share online during or after the session. A URL with full instructions for the hackathon will be posted online a few days prior to the meeting.

About Our Speaker

Nik KalyaniNik Kalyani is Co-founder and Strategic Advisor for DotNetNuke Corp., the company that manages the DotNetNuke Open Source project. Kalyani is also Founder and CEO of HyperCrunch. He is a technology entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in the software industry. He is irrationally exuberant about technology, especially if it has anything to do with the Internet. HyperCrunch is his latest startup business that builds on his knowledge and experience from prior startups, two of them venture-funded.

Kalyani is a creative tinkerer perpetually interested in looking around the corner and figuring out new and interesting ways to make the world a better place. An experienced web developer, he finds the business strategy and marketing aspects of the software business more exciting than writing code. When he does create software, his primary expertise is in creating products with compelling user experiences. Kalyani is most proficient with Microsoft technologies, but has no religious fanaticism about them.

Kalyani has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Western Michigan University. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and user group meetings. He lives in Mountain View, California with his wife and daughters. He blogs at and is @techbubble on Twitter.

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