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Today I ran into a problem when I tried to upgrade some Websites to DNN 5. I created my backups of the site and my database as I should do to prepare for an upgrade. My problem was that I didn't follow the proper upgrade path and I tried to skip one and ran into errors. I should have read Will Strohl's blog on this but I found a little bit of time to do this and then had to devout more time to fix it. Ever run into this?

So my web.config file was messed up and I immediately went to the DotNetNuke forum to try to get help. Sure enough someone already had the problem that I had and there was a response to make some changes in the file. I fired the site up and held my breath. The fix worked and I was happy.

Now, I need to find the time to upgrade correctly again. Thanks to the forum for the help. Go there if you need some help.

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Posted on Thursday, September 10, 2009 10:28 AM | Back to top

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