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O)rlando Elec(tron)ic (I)nteractive Entertainment (Con)vention

The inaugural event in 2006 attracted more than 16,000 to experience how the cultural phenomenon of video games is changing everything from art to education to business to military training. Otronicon is uniquely Orlando and spotlights Central Florida's growing digital media industry.

Last year's event in January 2007 attracted an incredibly diverse audience of 18,000, including parents with kids, grandparents with grandchildren, couples, singles, teens, and adults of all ages. Not solely an educational symposium, a series of video game tournaments or a simulation exhibit, Otronicon is an assemblage of all three and much more. OSC's four levels of exhibit halls, classroom space, theaters and program are transformed into a forum for these technologies, including the ultimate video game experience - videogame tournaments played on the 8-story giant screen of the Dr. Phillips CineDome.

I tried to get into this last year but was turned away because there were too many people and the wait was extremely long.

The event is going to have a special day for me to bring my students so we'll be going on Wednesday, January 23rd.

Otronicon offers interactive classes uniquely designed for middle and high school students to explore the world of gaming technology. Students can work with industry-based tools for 3D modeling, animation and game design. Teachers, we’ve got you covered, too, with special “Teachers Only” workshops to increase your knowledge of technology.

My beginning students will attend this workshop:

Designing the Levels of a Game

The Game Design Sessions are workshops that will focus on the design of game play. This session introduces participants to the initial creation of their video game. The participant will tackle the question, “What makes a game fun?”, and incorporate the ideas within their game. Participants will be able to test each others games and gain knowledge as a player and designer.

Take Away:  Participants will take away knowledge concerning the layout and design of game that will both challenge and entertain a player.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites required.

My advanced students will attend this one:

Creation of 3D Computer Generated Elements for Games

The workshop will present an overview of how the graphical elements in a game are created. Participants will have an opportunity to work with industry base tools for 3D modeling and animation. The workshop will lead participants to create basic polygon models laying the base more complex elements in a game

Takeaway: Participants will come away with a base understanding of 3D elements are created for a game.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites required.

Full Sail  instructors from Winter Park, FL will be teaching the workshops. I'm sure my students will learn a great deal from the event.



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