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I have volunteered to start this local dotnetnuke user group. After speaking at a couple local Code Camps there are many users of dotnetnuke that are interested in this group as well so hopefully they will join.

Here are reasons why you should join:

Participating in a user group requires time, effort, leadership, dedication, and vision. However, ask almost any user group participant, and they’ll tell you it’s all worth it. Consider some of these reasons to get involved today:

1. Make friends.
You’ve realized some of the awesome potential of Dotnetnuke and how it fits into your life — your families, your hobbies, your business, and more. Meet other people who share your interests and passions (technology and otherwise).

2. Save the day.
A lot of people are looking for help. User Groups create an interactive forum for assisting people with their questions. It’s rewarding to provide answers and share opportunities with others.

3. Lead the way.
Participating in a user group requires the ability to motivate, to organize, and to lead. By getting involved in a group, you learn more of these skills and gain talent that can be applied to everything else in life. It even makes a great resumé line.

4. Create a network.
User groups facilitate important networking contacts in both their local areas and the Dotnetnuke community. Participants can find clients, jobs, and more because of their involvement with their group.

5. Tell the world.
Most user group participants are passionate about the potential of Dotnetnuke, and they strongly believe in keeping up with the pace of technology. Share these passions with others — show them what they’re missing out on by exposing them to exciting new concepts and innovations.

6. It's just plain fun.
There’s something about user groups that makes participants spend their free time organizing and collaborating. They love it. They love the people they meet and the opportunities that user groups create.

Hope to see you soon.




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Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2007 7:52 AM DotNetNuke | Back to top

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