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I blogged about what AP teachers can do with their students after the AP exam but I found something else that I'll be doing with my students.

Several years ago, Microsoft put together a half hour long reality game show called THE CODE ROOM.  The show is hosted by Jesi Knapp.

There were only three episodes that were created and the first show features Russ Fustino from Microsoft. Russ is giving his ASP.NET talk at a local theatre in Texas. Three participants volunteer to participate in a e-commerce project and have only a laptop with only the battery life to complete the project.

What is nice to see is how three professionals who don't know each other work together as a team to complete the task at hand. Remember, they only have one laptop to use so who is going to do what is fun to watch.

I won't ruin the ending if you want to watch it. We'll have a class discussion after to talk about group dynamics.

The second show:

In this second episode of The Code Room, watch the sparks fly, the egos flair, and the light bulbs go off as a solution is produced under pressure using the latest mobile bits from Microsoft including Bluetooth, Visual Studio 2005, the .NET Compact Framework 2.0, and SQL Server CE on the Smartphone.

The third show is on security.

The Code Room:

Breaking Into Vegas

In this episode of The Code Room watch the White Hats and Black Hats battle for the security of Las Vegas. Jessi Knapp and Microsoft Security Guru Joe Stagner narrate as the Hackers try to gain control of The Plaza's online money management system and our Security Team tries to stay one step ahead.

All in all, these are worth showing to your AP students and have some good class discussions after.  I hope Microsoft continues with more episodes.

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